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Learn. Collaborate. Excel.

Changing the Learning Dynamic 

Learning is what drives successful organizations. Organization's ability to learn quickly and apply that learning to their mission is what defines that success. Within the Federal government and government contractors, learning is typically defined by classroom-based training and eLearning. Both of these modalities have their respective strengths, as well as their respective weaknesses. Classroom-based training (CBT) allows for sharing of knowledge and experiences around content and engagement with subject matter experts that teach it. However,  CBT is expensive and not very scalable. For example, if your organization needs to get many people through a learning program, the costs in money and time hinders that greatly. For eLearning, it is relatively cheap and very scalable, yet it doesn't afford the learner interaction that CBT does. 

For government contractors, these same strengths and weaknesses exist, as well as a different dynamic. Very little professional development of contract employees occurs due to the need for contract employees to charge as close as possible to 100% of their time on Federal government contracts. If contract employees are allowed time for professional development, then their company has to pay for their time and lose revenue from charging the Federal government. So little incentive exists for contract employee professional development beyond compliance training.

So what if there was another way? What if learners could learn on their own time and at their point of need? What if there was a way to leverage the strengths of CBT and eLearning and mitigate their drawbacks? What if learners could engage with each other across multiple government agencies and contractor companies?

Enter FedLearn.

FedLearn is a new and exciting learning platform for Federal government and contractor employees. FedLearn is the first learning platform to offer Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) focused on the learning needs of learners in the Federal government and contractors. FedLearn offers original content focused on specific learner needs that is contextualized for the Federal government environment. Additionally, FedLearn provides learners access to world class academic institutions and content to help grow their careers.

Take learning into your own hands....Learn. Collaborate. Excel.

J. Keith Dunbar, Ed.D