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SUBSYSTEMs Ethics Training

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About This Course

This course was created by SUBSYSTEMs Ethics Officer to give you an introduction to many of the most common ethics questions that you might encounter when you work with Government employees. 

As an employee of SUBSYSTEMs, you might find yourself working on a Government site along side Government employees. Sometimes, Government employees may work at our site. 

It is important for you to know about the ethics rules and principles that apply to Government employees...particularly if you work closely together.  It is important to ensure that your interactions with Government employees do not inadvertently trigger ethics problems for the Company, for you, or for them. 

Also, while you are not subject to the ethics rules concerning Government employees, SUBSYSTEMs has ethics rules and a code of conduct that does apply to you.

In this course, we'll cover some of the more common ethics issues that arise when working with Government employees.

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