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Annual Security Briefing

Annual Training

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About This Course

SO…What’s this briefing all about?

Making you aware of the threats that are out there today, that deal with the security of company information and the clients you support.

Your responsibilities when dealing with our country’s classified information.

Safeguarding classified information is a serious matter …and there will be many references to laws, regulations, directives, contracts, etc. as we proceed.

However, the Industrial Security program involves more than safeguarding classified information…It also involves:

> Sensitive But Unclassified Information

> Access to sensitive systems and areas (IT systems; facilities; non-public areas)

> Proprietary or other sensitive information (bids, proposals; projects, relationships, trade secrets, etc.)

> Personal conduct

> Responsibility


Threat Awareness Briefing

Defensive Security Briefing

An overview of the security classification system

Reporting obligations and requirements

Job specific security procedures and duties

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